Sparrow Point Shipyard and Steel Mill, Dundalk, MD - 1989-90
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Eric Swift touching the rudder
The drydock period (Sept. '89 - Feb. '90) was a partial refit of the entire ship.  This included a new shaft, prop, rebuilt rudder and bearings. The cranes were worked on and a new catwalk installed. In addition, the ship was painted and new non-skid was installed.

At first, the Canopus was in a stationary (floating type) dry-dock with another Navy ship.  After the repairs were completed, Canopus was walled off from the other ship and it's section flooded, floating the Canopus.  Only then did the engineers discover that the new main shaft had been put in with the main bearing seals in BACKWARDS!  At the time, the Executive Officer was a diver, and he personally got in the water to try to fix it.  Finally, the ship was
flooding so fast, Canopus had to hop over to the floating dry-dock next door for another 3 months of repair.  It was only supposed to be 3 months to begin

Above narrative provided by Eric Swift,  R-2  35A  Optical Shop  1989-92

Eric Swift assisting wih Engine Startup