The USS Canopus (AS-34) was a submarine tender primarily serving Atlantic Fleet Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missle Submarines (SSBN). During her 29 years of active service, she was based in Holyloch Scotland, Rota Spain, Charleston SC, & Kings Bay, GA. Canopus was decommisioned in 1994 at Kings Bay Ga. She was stricken in 1995 at Portsmouth, VA. She remained part of the MARAD reserve fleet located in the James River near Ft. Eustis, Virginia until Oct. 16, 2003. Canopus then embarked on her final journey across the Atlantic Ocean, under tow. On Nov. 27, 2003, Canopus arrived at the Able Shipbreakers at TeesideUK. She remained intact until June 2010.  
USS Canopus  (AS-34)
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This website was created in 2000. It was designed and is maintained by Milton Smith. I joined the crew in July 1979 as an ETSA. I served as part of the Antenna Repair Shop (X67H) of the Electronic Repair Division (R-4). I left the ship as an ET3 in June 1981. I created this site for the enjoyment of all past crew members! Over the past 13 years, many former Canopus sailors have contributed pictures to this site. It has been solely funded by me since it's inception.

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USS Canopus print by former crew member Thomas Denton. Tom is an artist who specializes in Submarine Watercolor prints. You can purchase this print or many others from Tom at
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I want to thank Carl Ekstein for photos of the Canopus transiting the Panama Canal in 1969.

I want to thank Chuck Watkins
for photos of Canopus from 1974. 

I want to thank Don Murphy
( for the new photos

Drydock in 1989-90

Learn why the Canopus was in drydock in 1990. Click on the Drydock 1989-90 button above.

Thanks to Eric Swift R-2 35A Optical Shop  1989-92

USS Canopus Decommissioning Book 

Thanks to HT2 Georgianna "Jordy" Allen Morrison

1967 Calendar

Thanks to Frank McGrath 
USS Canopus approaching Teeside UK                      11/2003
USS Canopus at Able Shipbreakers, Teeeside, UK       1/2007
Twin Sisters
Sisters at HolyLoch in 1970 - Thanks to PH3 Chuck Watkins
Charleston, SC - 1980
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