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This page was last updated on: April 18, 2008
James River Reserve Fleet - MARAD
                 March 2001
This is a disturbing picture. On March 19, 2001, at the moment this picture was taken, I, Milt Smith had fallen off the back of the ship where the railing is missing. This happened because the railing was there, but not bolted down. I set up my tripod and self-timer. I ran back to the railing and leaned on it. The next thing I knew I was falling and hit the water within seconds. The railing was lodged in my arm. When I hit the water, the railing caused minor injury to my left arm. I also lost my glasses. Boy did I feel stupid!!! I tried to swim around 4 ships to get to the place where the boat that brought us docked. Unfortunately, the river current was so strong, I couldn't get there. Luckily, some MARAD workers were present to scoop me out of the water with a crane. At this point, I had hypothermia and had to be sent to a local hospital.

So, years later, it's both funny and terrifying for me to view this particular picture!!